Pay Online

When will my payment appear on my account when paying with E-Check:

When you make a same-day payment… Payments will appear on your account and your balance will be updated… Your payment will be credited… 
Monday – Friday by 6:00 pm CST The next business day As of the actual calendar day of your payment
Friday after 6:00 pm CST After 6pm of the next business day
Saturday – Sunday anytime After 6pm of the next business day

What are the fees:

When you pay with… Fee… Directions… 
E-Check (preferred method) None Choose E-Check option, enter your bank account & routing numbers
Visa/MC Debit Card Flat Fee $13.95
* to avoid this fee contact your bank for your checking account & routing numbers to use the E-Check option
Choose Visa debit or MC debit option, enter your card information and PIN
Visa/MC/Discover Flat Fee $41.95 Choose Visa, MC or Discover option and enter your credit card information

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