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Beal Community Commitment

BEAL Properties and its staff are committed to improving the quality of life for the under served in our Chicago neighborhoods by giving back to qualified organizations throughout Chicagoland. The list below is a sampling of the groups that BEAL has been committed to supporting over the years.

In addition, BEAL has established a Giving Team comprised of committed members of our staff. Each month, the Giving Team meets, discusses, evaluates and determines a worthy organization that provides aid, assistance and support to our local community. BEAL funds a contribution monthly to the organization that our Giving Team chooses. Staff led, BEAL funded… a committed partnership.


Beal Showcase

Sip of Hope has such an amazing mission. They work effortlessly to break the barriers surrounding mental health. In fact, 100% of proceeds support proactive suicide prevention and mental health education, and they are the first coffee shop in the world to take on an initiative like this.  Sip of Hope (SOH) is owned and operated by Hope For The Day (HFTD), which is a Chicago-based non-profit that does proactive suicide prevention through outreach and mental health education. These two organizations want to break the silence surrounding mental health! Hope For The Day is recognized in 26 different countries around the world and all 50 states in the US. They are constantly sharing, teaching and learning. HFTD does their best to equip communities with information on prevention tactics that they need to support their people. The donations made to SOH are so important, and with our large purchase of coffee grounds for the office, we are proud to have done our part!