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Beal Community Commitment

BEAL Properties and its staff are committed to improving the quality of life for the under served in our Chicago neighborhoods by giving back to qualified organizations throughout Chicagoland. The list below is a sampling of the groups that BEAL has been committed to supporting over the years.

In addition, BEAL has established a Giving Team comprised of committed members of our staff. Each month, the Giving Team meets, discusses, evaluates and determines a worthy organization that provides aid, assistance and support to our local community. BEAL funds a contribution monthly to the organization that our Giving Team chooses. Staff led, BEAL funded… a committed partnership.


Beal Showcase

Donating to Family Service of Glencoe (FSG) was such a rewarding experience for Beal Properties. Heather, the Giving Chair, and Jessica, Beal’s Media Administrator, were able to sit and visit with the Executive Director and Director of Development of the organization. Serving the suburb for over 100 years, FSG is well rooted within the community and is a life source for families in need. They offer assistance to families dealing with grief and loss, substance abuse, co-parenting after divorce; the list goes on! In 2014, FSG started assisting seniors. The organization saw a need for their services and without hesitation, stepped up. Fast forward 4 years, and they are now rolling out the Legacy Project; an initiative that will match the elderly with middle school children to share stories. Although they have been around for some time, Family Service of Glencoe is always growing and will continue to assist their community with the care that is so important to the families in need!

The Glencoe Fire Department, where the Family Services Main office is located.