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Exploring Logan Square: A Chicago Neighborhood

Once a hub for Chicago’s Scandinavian and Hispanic immigrant populations, Logan Square has exploded as a hip neighborhood for young urban professionals in the past decade and is now chock full of up-and-coming restaurants and nightlife.  

Living in this bustling Chicago neighborhood is definitely an adventure, with hundreds of different spots to try out for breakfast, lunch and dinner — and that’s just in your immediate area. Read on to find out our tips and tricks for getting around your new digs!

Filling Up

As far as restaurants go, look no further than Fat Rice, a Macanese joint renowned by critics for its signature arroz gordo dish and the spicy piri piri chicken. If you’re looking for something a little more casual, Lonesome Rose is the place for you with its fish tacos, chili con queso and Southern California vibes, all of which make it a local favorite.

Want to cook at home and avoid the crowds? Popular grocery stores  in the area include Fresh Market Place— a community staple known for its affordable, fresh products— and a Armitage Produce, a notable Puerto Rican produce market that carries everything from prepared food and condiments to coffee and fruit.

Going Out

Logan Square may not be the first place you think of when trying to decide where to go for a night on the town, but there are many trendy bars that fill niche interests that are fun to explore.

The Radler, a self-described “German tapas bar,” is one of the most unique spots in the city, with house pilsner and hefeweizen on tap, as well as a comfortable atmosphere in which to pass a few hours with friends. If you’re looking for a prime example of the “beercade” concept, which has become popular in recent years, Emporium is for you, with foosball, pinball, old school arcade games and even a rotating food truck that parks in the space! But if you’re just looking for something that brings it back to the basics, definitely check out the Boiler Room, known for its pizza and PBR.

Getting Around

The centrally located Logan Square Blue Line stop means you’ll have a quick 25-minute train ride to O’Hare International Airport, and the train (which costs $2.50) will save you both time and money versus a cab or ride-sharing alternative.  Conveniently, you can also get downtown quickly on the train, as it’s just 20 minutes from Logan Square to the heart of the Loop.

If you prefer to get by on your own power, Logan Square has received top marks for its walkability, and the bike lane that runs down Milwaukee Avenue serves as the area’s main artery to the city. You don’t need to own a bike either — Chicago’s Divvy bike-sharing system features rentable bikes that you can pick up and drop off at convenient locations throughout the city.

Hanging Out

The neighborhood is also loaded with fun, annual festivals, like the Logan Square Arts Festival, which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary and features art installations and tens of bands on multiple stages. Food lovers, don’t miss the Logan Square Food Truck Social, where over a dozen food trucks and restaurants serve up everything from lobster rolls to pierogi. You can also stroll on the recently constructed 606 Trail, a 2.7-mile path on an old railroad track that is lined by greenery and impressive views of the surrounding area, similar to the High Line in New York City.

Live close to it all in Chicago’s Logan Park Neighborhood.

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