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Discover Logan Square

Logan Square is a neighborhood on the Northwest Side of Chicago considered to be one of trendiest areas in the city, filled with historic boulevards, thriving nightlife and gourmet coffee shops.

Historically, the neighborhood’s population has largely been made up of immigrants, from Germans and Scandinavians in the 1800s to the relatively recent influx of Hispanic and Latino populations. The Illinois Centennial Monument, a well-known sculpture built in 1918 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Illinois statehood, is stationed in the heart of Logan Square Park and serves as a major area landmark. And don’t miss out on the 606 Trail, a recently converted railroad line that now functions as an elevated green space for biking, running and walking, similar to the High Line in New York City.  

Logan Square has become known as a food hot spot in Chicago, with a spectrum of price points and categorical groupings. Lula Cafe is a long-time staple of the area, with an all-day cafe menu and a more intricate dinner menu that features specials that change based on the day and the season. Longman & Eagle offers a contemporary take on a traditional inn as a restaurant with a Michelin star, a vast whiskey selection and six rooms travelers can book for a night. Quiote is a popular, Mexican-inspired restaurant with separate dinner and brunch menus coupled with a tequila bar downstairs. But there are many more to try, with new ones added each week.

The drink options carry their own splash of flair as well. Interested in a coffee cocktail? Estereo is your spot. Want to drink craft beers and cocktails while playing bocce ball? Park & Field has you covered. Would you like to try a tropical tiki bar with a top-notch bartender? Lost Lake is the place for you.

Just minutes from downtown Chicago, Logan Square is easy to get to by train, with three CTA Blue Line stops situated along Milwaukee Avenue — the diagonal that runs through the east side of the neighborhood. The CTA’s #55 Milwaukee bus provides another option to navigate the area, making stops at many key train stops and the smaller streets in between them. Additionally, you can bike down that same street for miles, known as one of the central pathways toward or from downtown Chicago. And if you find yourself in any bike trouble, you’re in luck: there are about a dozen shops that sell or repair bikes in Logan Square.

There’s so much character and intrigue in every block of Logan Square, and whether you’re looking for the hippest restaurants or simply a good place to call home, chances are you can find it here.